General Contractor

PCAB License AAA
Construction, Engineering, Land Development, and Earthworks
Phone: 0917-807-7425 · Email: [email protected]

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Ready-Mix Concrete Supply

Buy quality Ready-Mix Concrete.
Guaranteed high availability at affordable cost. Enjoy hassle-free priority booking.
0917-701-1844 · 0917-599-7484 · 0917-700-2351
0919-000-3175 · 0998-987-7530 · 0998-987-7532
Email: [email protected]

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Gravel and Sand Supply

Buy affordable Gravel, Sand, Basecourse, and Boulders.
Guaranteed clean aggregates for better concrete quality. Fast and direct delivery.
0917-700-2351 · 0917-701-1844 · 0917-599-7484
0919-000-3175 · 0998-987-7530 · 0998-987-7532
Email: [email protected]

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Heavy Equipment Rental

Rent reliable heavy equipment.
Guaranteed top condition and affordable cost.
Available backhoe, bulldozer, compactors, concrete pump, trucks, lowbed, and bulk carriers.
0917-599-7484 · 0917-700-2351 · 0917-701-1844
0919-000-3175 · 0998-987-7530 · 0998-987-7532
Email: [email protected]

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We, Teravera, were founded in 2011 and our first Business was in Aggregates - Gravel and Sand delivery.


We started acquiring Heavy Equipment and expanded into Rental Business.


We expanded into Construction Business. The projects we handled ranged from roads, halls, buildings, dams, and land development.


We erected our first of many Ready-Mix Concrete Batching Plant and quickly become the leading provider in the region.


We transferred to our new one-hectare Office in Alaminos Laguna.


We expanded our Earthworks operations and started Mining operations.

Teravera Corporation

Lipa-Alaminos Rd., Brgy. San Agustin, Alaminos, Laguna. 4001

Directions: Load Map
Contact Details: See Here

Business Hours:
8am-5pm Monday to Friday
Operations are extended up to Saturday.

General Contractor

We BUILD quality infrastructures to BUILD the nation to BUILD good Filipino lives. Build! Build! Build!

General Contractor
1. Construction
2. Engineering
3. Land Development
4. Earthworks

Materials & Equipment

Armed with teams and equipment solely focused on each services.

Ready-Mix Concrete Supply
Gravel and Sand Supply
Heavy Equipment Rental

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